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3 How to I update the firmware on my IR Trans VFD/IR Module?
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  [accessaries>VF110>] How to install IR Trans
  name : origenae     date : 08-11-12 13:40     hit : 21843    
The latest version of IR Trans has a new installer interface that includes a dynamic web setup which automatically downloads new files and fully automates the installation procedure.
Please follow the steps below to install IR Trans:

1. Begin the installer by double clicking the IR Trans setup file

2. Installer will unpack and verify its contents

3. The main IR Trans installer page will load, click next to continue

4. Please read installation notes then click next

5. Ensure that you have selected the MCE Display Driver from the options page then click next

6. Select the destination folder. We recommend using the default location, then click next

7. You can change the default menu group setting then click next to continue. From the pulldown menu select IRTrans USB / IRTrans Translator and tick add IRTrans Server to Autostart Folder

8. You are not ready to start the file installation, click next to begin

9. Files and setting will now be copied and applied, please wait for this to finish

10. Installation is now complete and a reboot is required


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