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  [accessaries>VF110>] My remote is working with IR Trans, but the VFD does not display MCE information
  name : origenae     date : 08-11-12 13:46     hit : 22855    
With the latest version of IRTrans, the registration of the irtransview.dll (which is responsible for sending display information to the VFD) is automatically registered so the problem could be caused by not selecting the correct options on the software install.

Refer to the software
install guide for more information, but its important to select the 'MCE Display Driver' option otherwise the VFD will not display any information from Media Center.

Below is the original artical, and may be of assitance for older versions of the software and further troubleshooting.

After installing IR Trans you are required to manually register the irtransview.dll in order to allow the VFD to communicate with Media Center. This is done by following the procedure below:

1. Open a command window. To open a command window click Start-Run then in the window that appears type 'CMD' (Without the quotation marks) and click ok.

2. Navigate to the extraction folder. Once you have opened the command window you will need to navigate to the IR Trans installation folder. This is done by typing the following:
CD/ 'press enter'
3. Execute the DLL registration.  The final update step is to execute the transview.dll registration command. This is done by typing the following:

4. Confirmation. A pop up window will appear confirming the successful registration. Click OK and close the command prompt window. You must now restart windows


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