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1 How do i setup IR Trans to turn my PC on / off
2 What is the maximum size of video card and CPU cooler that will fit in my S10V, S14V, S16V, S16T or …
3 How to I update the firmware on my IR Trans VFD/IR Module?
4 How do I use the RC197 remote
5 What software or driver should I install for the IR220 or IR221 module


  [accessaries>VF110>] No IRTrans device found
  name : origenae     date : 08-11-12 13:47     hit : 21618    
Please ensure that you have installed the driver for the VFD unit. Go to the device manager and look for IR Trans USB, make sure the device is working properly and does not have an exclamation mark next to it. If you have checked this, please then insure that the jumper K1 has been removed. This is a programming jumper, and on some occasions has not been removed at the factory.



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