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  [X-series>X15e>] Where can i find Vista drivers for my X15e touch screen ?
  name : origenae     date : 08-11-12 13:54     hit : 20464    
Currently our touch panel supplier EETI have released a new version of the touchkit software that will run on Vista 32bit however it is only compatible with touch panels that have firmware version 2.30B or later. No firmware upgrade option has been provided by them at this point.
It is possible to use the current XP version of the software with Vista 32bit. During testing we have been able to install and calibrate the software, and once this is done it seems to be fairly stable however the calibration does have a tendency to fail if you require to repeat it after the initial install.
The preferred method for installing the XP drivers on Vista is directly after a clean install.


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