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The OrigenAE RC153 uses Philips developed Microsoft IR remote control for total windows MCE (Media Center Edition) functionality.

It is allowed to turn On/OFF your computer with remote control from the distance and possible to access MCE mode simply. With it’s back light keys and sophisticated design, you can enjoy your home theater environment.


- Specially designed for Windows MCE
- Refreshing and sophisticated design
- 22 yellow back-lighted keys
- Incorporates Microsoft-recommended RC6
IR protocol
- Up to 45 keys
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RC153 Brochure - PDF 257K

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software support

power requirements

transmission medium

carrier frequency

transmission range

hardware support

- 191mm x 58mm x 30mm

- Media Center

- 2 x AA

- IR

- 36Khz

- ~9 Meters

- OrigenAE IR100


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